EN 54-2 | EN 54-4  Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel expandable from 1 to 2 loops with 200 addressesper loop


1 to 2 loops expandable panel with 200 addresses per loop

The Draco JBE-P2L1 Control Panel is an addressable fire detection and alarm control panel designed to cover all the needs of small and / or medium installations. It is ideal for new commercial, institutional and industrial constructions and for modernization of existing facilities.

Large 7” color LCD with user customizable home-screen

Draco JBE-P2L1 is the addressable fire detection and alarm system that represents the new generation of European solutions under EN standards for Jade Bird Fire and is approved according to the requirements of EN 54-2 and EN 54-4. It provides up to 2 loops and 400 addressable devices, with 2 general alarm and fault relay outputs, 2 24Vdc outputs for supplying external devices and it has options cabinets for batteries and / or event printer.

Fully programmable from the front panel or via any device

The JBE-P2L1 Control Panel has a 7 ”color LCD screen with 800 X 480 pixel , 6 auxiliary function keys, 4 control keys, a keyboard with 12 alphanumeric keys, 11 LED indicators and 30 zone LED indicators . These,  provides you with a highly intuitive user interface for alarm management that allows the user to fully configure the system without the need of a PC.

Web Service Cloud base commissioning Tool

The USB memory port allows the installers to download the configuration data to later be upload it into the Jade Bird Cloud. The panel Config Tool is based on a web service stored in the Jade Bird Cloud so it can be executed from any PC, Laptop or Smart Device.


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