Addressable Manual Call Point


Front LED indicator

JBE-2100 is an addressable manual call point (MCP) designed to operate on a loop of intelligent fire detection devices. This MCP sends a fire alarm signal to the Jade Bird Europe Draco fire panels when the resettable element is pressed.

Resettable element with key tool supplied

After activation, the MCP will remain in alarm until it is reset with the supplied reset key. There is no glass break element in this device, so the reset operation is conveniently done without the need to replacing any element.


Built-in auxiliary dry contacts operate when activated

The JBE-2100 also features a normally open clean (voltage-free) contacts, which will close at activation. These can be optionally used for a local action or to provide an activation signal to third party systems.

Backbox with connection terminal allowing easy removal/installation.

Programmable soft address with JBE-AT1


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