Addressable Sounder – Beacon (VID)

EN 54-3 certificate.


Low power

JBE-2145 is an addressable EN 54-3 sounder with visual indicator (VID) designed to operate in a loop of intelligent fire detection and alarm devices with the JBE loop protocol. The visual indicator activates at the same time as the sounder. This visual indication is auxilliary and not intended to meet the requirements of EN 54-23 beacons.

High sound pressure level output > 100dBA

The sounder device receives activation commands from the JBE fire panel and generates its sound output accordingly.


Requires additional supply line for 24 Vdc
The sounder needs to be connected to both the JBE communication bus and to the 24 V power bus. Its fault detection feature notifies the control panel when the 24V field bus is disconnected.

This sounder is compatible with the standard base JBE-2165.


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