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Those of you who already familiar with Parasound know that our HALO INTEGRATED – known by us all as HINT – has become one of the best selling products ever. Obviously though, as time passes and technology improves – so Parasound did! So what you will now experience with the HINT 6 is everything that music enthusiast  love about the sound, quality, power and flexibility of the original HINT – but  with some great new upgrades!

  • 160 Watts x 2 @ 8 Ohms (RMS, both channels driven).
  • 240 Watts x 2 @ 4 Ohms (RMS, both channels driven).


Other than the great value and sound quality that HINT is famous for, (the power amp circuit topology is designed by the legendary John Curl,) one of the things that has made HINT such a success is the sheer flexibility of the product and all the many features of this remarkable model.
There are so many great features and benefits of HINT that the whole list takes a whole page – but here are some of the highlights!

  • ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC (ES9018K2M).
  • Analog bass management with high & low pass crossovers.
  • Home theater bypass input for surround sound integration.
  • Front panel subwoofer level control.
  • Dedicated high current headphone amplifier (TI TPA6120).
  • Phono input for MM, MC and MI with 100 Ω or 47k Ω load.
  • 160 Watts x 2 @ 8 Ohms (RMS, both channels driven).
  • 240 Watts x 2 @ 4 Ohms (RMS, both channels driven).
  • Direct amplifier input to bypass preamp section.
  • High bias class A/AB operation.
  • Oversized shielded toroid power transformer.
  • Dual-mono power supply and power amplifier.
  • Matched JFET input stages and MOSFET driver stages.
  • USB input decodes Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DoP DSD and USB 2.0 supports PCM up to 32-bit.

Here is a list of new features on the HINT 6:

  • Burr Brown analog resistor ladder volume control.
  • Dimmable front panel volume display.
  • Updated USB receiver is Plug and play with Windows 10 and MAC.
  • An additional optical input (2 total).
  • Ball bearing supported solid aluminum volume knob.
  • Programable default turn on volume setting.
  • Favorite volume memory with remote control button.
  • Increased phono stage gain for lower output cartridges.
  • Improved Left/Right channel separation and balance tracking.
  • Updated cosmetics with subtle gold highlights.


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