• Electronic solenoid bolt lock
  • Aluminum finish
  • 20-24V DC imput
  • Low current: Standing current 0.8 A; Working currant 0.15A
  • Door Timer 0-2.2-5 sec
  • Low temperature
  • Flush mounted installation


The EB200 is a fail-safe electronic solenoid bolt lock, designed for hollow frame applications where most mortice application electric locks would not necessarily be able to be fitted.  With this lock however, the lock body and keep can be mounted using the brackets provided, effectively suspending the lock and keep into the hollow sections of the door and frame.

With the electromagnetic sensor in the lock case and an adjustable magnet on the keep, the lock detects when the door is properly closed by picking up on this magnetism between the keep and the lock case, triggering the 15mm thick bolt to fire into the keep.   The timing on this is adjustable in four stages between 0 seconds (instant) and 9 seconds (long delay) – depending on your application, you would choose this setting when fitting by simply flipping two small switches on the lock body as seen in the photos.

As mentioned the magnet on the keep is adjustable.  This allows for accommodation of varying air-gaps between the door edge and the frame.  In order to correctly read the magnet, the distance cannot be greater than 5mm, so this threaded magnet can simply be rotated clockwise / anti-clockwise to make the correct adjustment before securing it in place with the retaining nut on the inside of the keep.    Where possible it is always best to get the lock and keep as close together as possible without adjustment in order to maximise the overall insertion of the bolt into the keep.  This projects a total of 16mm though so even with a 5mm gap you’d still have over 10mm of bolt being held by the keep.

The wiring on these is very straight forward.  Everything is 12v DC, and is powered by a simple positive and negative pair of wires.  These are in a N.C switch state so will energise the lock as soon as power is connected (and ultimately throw the bolt if the lock body is lined up with the keep).  There are then a set of monitoring outputs (NC, NO, COM) to allow you to take advantage of the lock’s door status monitoring feature.  And finally, we have two brown ‘RST’ terminals.  This is a N.O contact that is designed to allow you to use a push-to-exit button or similar to momentarily cut the power to the lock.  The lock will then be unlocked allowing the door to be pulled open – bear in mind if you want to use this you must have a delay on the auto-relock time setting to allow time for the door to be pulled open!  Once the door is returned to the keep (or indeed if the button is pressed and the door is never opened), the lock will then re-lock after the duration of the auto-relock timer has expired.

Please note these are also available in a glass-to-glass surface-mount version that clamps onto glass doors and frames – this will be detailed by the label on the lock body being ‘EB200VGL’.  If you require this model please let us know as we can get these on special order!



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