SecuriFire 1000

SecuriFire 1000

SecuriFire 1000: compact, adaptable and cost-effective

The SecuriFire 1000 fire detection system offers small businesses the high-tech standard of large-scale installations. The stand-alone solution effectively eliminates fire risks – at a reasonable cost.

Software redundancy for maximum fail-safe reliability

SecuriFire 1000 detects fires already in their incipient stages. The system raises the alarm lightning-fast, summoning the emergency services and getting people out of the danger area. The system software is consistently designed on a redundancy basis. This unique principle ensures that the fire alarm system is capable of raising the alarm at all times and under all circumstances. The system constantly self-tests its functionality, signalling any faults immediately.

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The right detector in the right place

SecuriFire 1000 stands out by virtue of its extreme precision. Up to 250 different detection and alarming devices can be connected to the SecuriLine eXtended addressable loop along a length of 3,500 m. Each individual room is monitored with the terminals best suited for the potential risk. The addressable loop starts and ends at the powerful fire alarm control panel.

Simple planning, programming and operation

The practical SecuriFire Studio programming tool guides operators through the programming process step by step to achieve the solution that best matches the individual fire detection system. Function keys and the innovative SecuriWheel rotating wheel make for simple operation on the SecuriFire display and control panel. All the system states are indicated in plain text on a clearly structured colour display.

Compatibility equals cost efficiency

With its modern data analysis technology SecuriFire 1000 is future-ready. SecuriFire 1000 is compatible not only with current generations of detectors but also with future ones. The solutions implemented as a result are utterly convincing, both economically and from a safety viewpoint.

SecuriFire 1000 – the benefits:

  • Lightning-fast detection of incipient fires
  • Up to 250 detectors and other elements per system
  • Addressable loop up to 3,500 m in length
  • Fully redundant software design for permanent availability
  • Simple planning, programming and operation
  • Backward and forward compatible
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Complies with the highest safety standards
  • Interface for connection to the fire services
  • Compact design