P 7 Pre Amplifier


P7 7.1 Channel PreAmplifier

Parasound P 7 is a high quality preamp designed to integrate your two channel and multi channel systems. Not a preamp-preprocessor (pre-pro). There is no digital processing in the P 7. What the P 7 does is allow you to integrate any combination of two channel source components, multichannel source components, two channel amplifiers and multichannel amplifiers.


To achieve this the P 7 has a multitude of inputs: Phono (MM or MC), 6 unbalanced stereo inputs, 1 balanced stereo input, two multichannel (7.1) unbalanced inputs and a stereo mini jack for your ipod on the front panel. Outputs are 7.1 balanced or unbalanced. The multichannel inputs can be connected to line level sources (the multichannel output of your DVD player) or the multichannel outputs of your existing pre-pro.



  • Input/Outputs:
    – 2 Multi channel (7.1) inputs for surround sound movies and music
    – 7 Stereo inputs (one balanced XLR input)
    – 1 MM or MC phono input
    – Front panel input jack for portable MP3 player
    – Unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR 7.1 outputs
    – Subwoofer output with analog bass management
    – Serial port for RS-232 control
    – Rear panel IR input jack
    – 3 different 12v trigger outputs
    – High quality headphone output
  • Software Features:
    – Custom input naming for all inputs
    – Theater bypass mode for connecting a digital surround receiver
    – Source input level matching
    – Headphone level offset
    – Analog bass management for stereo inputs
    – Links to Parasound Zhd HDMI selector (does not decode audio)
  • Other Features:
    – Relay-switched input select, mute & tone control engage/bypass
    – Full-featured remote control
    – Bass and Treble adjustable by remote
    – Tone controls engage/bypass by remote
    – Left/Right balance adjust by remote
    – Front/Rear balance adjust by remote
    – Subwoofer output level trim by remote
    – 20 dB partial mute and full mute by remote
    – 5 brightness settings for front panel display
    – Three 12V trigger outputs for 3 different functions
    – 12V trigger can be activated by remote control
    – Rack mount kit available, (2 rack spaces without feet)


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