Product Description

Controler for 32 floors
Communication: TCP/IP
User capacity: 100,000, Logs: 200, 000

Reader: Automatically compatibe with Wiegand 26/34/37 protocol, ID IC readers
Fire alarm, alarm terminals build-in access controller panel

Standard or network
Software: Elevator software


Elevator Controller System Introduction:

1 Intelligent Access Control Device in Elevator Interior

The device is installed in the cab panel. Each elevator needs a reader. Then it has dual functions: single charge and access control. There are a variety of products which can satisfy various needs of different customers.

2 Card Device

Card device: users insert the card in the card-reading zone which is in the elevator operation panel. Thus, you needn’t consider the distance while reading the card and can activate the elevator exactly the way you want. The card zone is small and takes up less room. You needn’t consider the used room of the elevator operation panel, and you can easily realize the advantages of the card system.

3 Password/ Fingerprint Device

The Fingerprint elevator management system is specially used for the people who want high security requirements. The leaders use fingerprint, the workers use card, and passwords as a backup. Thus, the elevator intelligence has higher improvements.

4 Remote Device

A remote device is another upgrade of elevator IC card system. You needn’t swipe card or get close to the elevator operation panel. Just press your remote control, you can use the elevator. Thus, you avoid some troubles when starting elevator by getting close to elevator operation panel.

5 Intelligent Access Control Device out of elevator

The device is installed in the calling board outside of the elevator. Passengers can call the elevator after swiping card by the device. The device stops non-authorized from using elevator, which makes the building safe and energy saying.

6 Intelligent Access Control Devices in and out of Elevator

a) Swipe Card by the Device outside of Elevator

b) Call Elevator

c) Enter the Cab

You can select the floor you registered in the management center after swiping card by device in elevator.

You needn’t swipe card in elevator and select the floor you registered in the management center.

7 VIP Device

VIP device only refers to users with VIP card. When users with VIP card uses elevator, they can be sent to the desired floor directly without stopping. Other users can not make the elevator stop at a floor call when users with VIP card uses elevator. VIP device guarantees the safety and privacy of users with VIP cards and save more time for users with VIP cards.

8 Visitor Device

Visitor device can work with intercom to solve the trouble of guests that are visiting.

Finish most of operations.
Software language: It is very easy to translate the software language to your own language by just translating two files and replacing it.


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