DIVA8MG2 Master Controller

DIVA8M responds to public address requirements and Voice Alarm for small to medium installations.

ThDIVA8MG2-02Tumb_260_185e DIVA8M Master unit houses: audio digital signal processing (DSP), a matrix, a digital message player, a fully monitored fireman microphone, amplifiers monitoring with switchover to backup amplifier and loudspeaker lines monitoring. It can process and route one PSSG2 security microphone console or up to eight cascaded PSM paging microphones and two 0 dB audio inputs, plus one Mic/Line input, into 2 different channels (Music + Voice). Each input is fitted with volume controls and equalizers. All audio inputs feature contact and VOX activation (ideal when using the cordless microphone, for example).

DIVA8SG2  a Slave unit for DIVA8MG2
DIVA8SG2 is a Slave unit for the DIVA8MG2 master unit. It increases the number of paging zones by 8 zones for each Slave unit added in the system. The maximum number of Slave units is 15, which means a complete system (master plus slaves) of up to 128 zones. As a part of the DIVA8 system, The DIVA8SG2 Slave unit complies with current standards.

Compact PA/VA System Secifications

DIVA system applicationScreenshot 2016-07-22 14.08.56