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NITTAN EVOLUTION 1 FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL КАНБРОК България стартира предлагането на evolution1, еднолупов адресируем пожароизвестителен контролен панел на японския производител NITTAN. Контролния панел е в пълно съответствие с нормите по БДС EN 54,...


SECURITON SecuriRAS Aspiration Detectors

Affordable and suitable for any environment Securitron Aspiration Detectors are sometime the only possible solution where no conventional detectors will work. Extremely precise they can guaranty the safety of museums, freezers warehouses and business...

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SecuriFire 1000

SecuriFire 1000: compact, adaptable and cost-effective The SecuriFire 1000 fire detection system offers small businesses the high-tech standard of large-scale installations. The stand-alone solution effectively eliminates fire risks – at a reasonable cost. Software...

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