Capacitive touch, glass front Touchscreen designed for use with any one of our three automation platforms, either Omni, BitWise, or Lumina Gateway utilizing one hardware SKU and multiple firmware versions. Features a 7” diagonal viewing area at 800×480 resolution for control of your security, energy, and/or entertainment settings.

Item Description

OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen, Power over Ethernet, Facilitates complete control over subsystems, White.




Omni Wired Accessories allow the Omni security & automation system to expand beyond just a security system. Add hard-wired controls for control of temperatures, lighting, and more. Even give your home a „voice“ with the two-way voice module. Receive auditory confirmation when a door has opened or a reminder that it’s trash night.

Продуктова линия

Parasound Halo Integrated

Parasound P5

P5. 2.1 Channel PreAmplifier

P7 7.1 Channel PreAmplifier

Parasound JC 3+

JC 3+

Parasound JC 2BP Preamp



Parasound A21

Parasound A21