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EVC-P EVC-POptical Detector

Part No: F02-82200

Using a simple but effective technique, the EVC-P Optical Detector incorporates a chamber housing an Infra Red (IR) LED light and a photodiode light detector set at an obtuse angle preventing it from seeing the light. When smoke enters the chamber the light bounces off the smoke particles and strikes the photodiode, causing it to generate an alarm condition when a set threshold value is met. The EVC-P Optical Detector is therefore more sensitive to larger smoke particles which tend to be caused by smoldering fires rather than fast flaming fires.




EVC-H-2SHeat Detector 62° C

Part No: F04-82505

Unlike smoke detectors that detect the presence of smoke particles, heat detectors only react to changes in temperature. The EVC-H-A2S is a Thermistor based Heat Detector, which uses electronic components that change their resistance when heated; this change is detected by circuitry within the detector.






Detector Mounting Base

Part No: F03-83500

Universal Mounting base standardized across entire Nittan Group worldwide.





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